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Copyright Infringement Litigation and BitTorrent Defense

Arising from the United States Consitution, and codified by our federal statutes, U.S. copyright laws protect original literary, musical, dramatic, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, choreographic, and architectural works, as well as sound recordings and motion pictures, that are fixated in any tangible medium of expression. The give authors the right to reproduce their works, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, and perform or display their works publicly.

Copyright infringement occurs when someone, without authorization, copies constituent elements of a copyrighted work that are original.

The Orlando attorneys at Cynthia Conlin & Associates represent both plaintiffs and defendants in various copyright actions. On the plaintiffs’ sides, we represent artists whose works have been unfairly copied; on the defendants’ side, we represent people who have been unfairly accused of copying or distributing artwork, such as, for example, via BitTorrent download.

Because copyright law is exclusive to federal courts, we practice in the three districts courts in Florida: Middle, Southern, and Northern. To find out whether we can help you with your copyright issue, please call us at 407-965-5519 or email us through our contact page.

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NagraStar letter accuse you of DISH Network piracy? Don’t panic.
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HAVE YOU or someone you know received a letter or email (usually from “satscams”) saying it was from Dish Network LLC, EchoStar Technologies, and NagraStar LLC (collectively “NagraStar”)? Does the NagraStar letter or…

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Malibu Media lawsuits
BitTorrent cases: Modern-day witch trials? #TBT
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I started writing this blog in August 2015. At the time, we were still defending Malibu Media cases, and BitTorrent litigation, though waning (having taken a year-long break), was still topical in Florida. However, it…

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New Criminal Productions lawsuits filed in Florida
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Recently, IP Enforcement Group filed four new Criminal Productions lawsuits against anonymous John Does in Florida. All lawsuits, styled Criminal Productions, Inc. v. Doe, allege the illegal downloading of the movie Criminal.…

Can you sue someone for recording a conversation in Florida?
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You may not realize it, but, in Florida, you can sue someone for recording a conversation without permission (or, alternatively, if you record a conversation, you can be sued). Section 934.10, Florida Statutes,…

LHF Productions Lawsuits in Florida over 'London Has Fallen'
LHF Productions Lawsuits in Florida over ‘London Has Fallen’
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New LHF Productions Lawsuits in Tampa On July 28, 2016, five LHF Productions lawsuits were filed in the Middle District of Florida (all in the Tampa Division).  Like other BitTorrent cases, these…

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Cobbler Nevada lawsuits filed in Florida over Adam Sander film ‘The Cobbler’
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New Clear Skies Nevada Lawsuits in Florida over film ‘Good Kill’
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