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dog bite liability

One bite is plenty: An introduction to dog bite liability in Florida

756 504 Jeffrey Vizcaino

OWNING AND caring for a dog is one of the biggest responsibilities a person can choose to undertake. For most, the experience is rewarding, with dogs constantly being referred to as members of the family.…

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demand letter

How can I hire a lawyer to write a demand letter?

800 533 Cynthia Conlin

FOR WHATEVER reason, you’ve reached a point where you want someone else to do something, give you something, or to stop doing something. A demand letter, or a cease and desist letter, may just help…

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William Shatner defamation lawsuit

Defamation lawsuit against William Shatner dismissed, again

648 482 Cynthia Conlin

A MAN NAMED Peter Sloan, purported son of William Shatner, sued the James T. Kirk/Danny Crane actor for defamation in February. The Middle District of Florida (Tampa division) quickly dismissed the original complaint but gave Sloan leave…

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emotional distress

I want to sue for Emotional Distress! Can I?

720 477 Cynthia Conlin

Doesn’t everyone? 😀 OK, maybe not everyone wants to sue for emotional distress. But a common query attorneys hear is, “How can I recover for all the emotional stress I’ve endured?” A few different theories…

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notice of defamation cease and desist notice demand letter

Is a notice of defamation required before suing a blog?

800 600 Cynthia Conlin

FLORIDA HAS a particular law that pertains to serving notice, like sending a demand letter, or cease and desist letter, prior to filing a lawsuit for defamation. However, written notice of defamation is only required in…

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Consumer Review Fairness Act

What is the Consumer Review Fairness Act?

864 506 Cynthia Conlin

EARLIER THIS year, a new federal law went into effect designed to prevent businesses from keeping their customers from writing negative reviews or turning over, to the business, the copyright ownership of their reviews. The Consumer Review…

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NagraStar Letter

NagraStar letter accuse you of DISH Network piracy? Don’t panic.

800 532 Tony Pagán, Jr.

HAVE YOU or someone you know received a letter or email (usually from “satscams”) saying it was from Dish Network LLC, EchoStar Technologies, and NagraStar LLC (collectively “NagraStar”)? Does the NagraStar letter or satscams email say…

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trademark dilution

Wasted away again in Pensacola: The Lost ‘Shaker’ of Court (a trademark dilution case)

800 369 Cynthia Conlin

Florida’s First Judicial Circuit recently found it unlikely that the Sandshaker Lounge would be able to prove trademark dilution of its ‘Shaker’ mark by the ‘Shaka Bar.’ Here’s the story. Livin’ off sponge cake . .…

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Previously Removed RipOff Report links reappearing in Google

800 533 Cynthia Conlin

RipOff Report recently underwent a subtle change that has caused reports Google previously removed from its search engine — even based on court orders — to reappear, without many people realizing it. RipOff Report is a website notorious for…

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