Canal Street Films lawsuit in Brevard County targeting John Does – Case No. 05-2013-CA-40202

Canal Street Films lawsuit docket

Canal Street Films lawsuit in Brevard County targeting John Does – Case No. 05-2013-CA-40202

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A new Canal Street Films lawsuit has caused some stir. Filed in the Florida 18th Judicial Circuit Court in and for Brevard County, Florida, the case is styled Canal Street Films v. Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, Case No.: 05-2013-CA-40202.

Actually, “new” is the wrong word.  As you can see on the docket (above), the case was actually filed in February of 2013.  What is new is the letters from Internet Service Providers, requesting a response no later than June 26, 2014, or some other recent date.

Apparently the letters are being sent to people who are outside the state of Florida, as shown in a blog by Pennsylvania attorney Leonard J. French, embedded below, which is how I was alerted to these new letters from Bright House and letters from Comcast.  Mr. French’s blog shows a shapshot of the lawsuit’s first page, an he was kind enough to share a sample copy of one such letter from Bright House.

This Canal Street Films lawsuit is different from the usual copyright troll model in that it is in state court, rather than federal court. It is not the first time that the state court procedural rules have been used by BitTorrent plaintiffs, but it is the first such case that I have seen in Brevard County, and in that respect, it’s unusual.

If you have been served with a letter from Bright House or Comcast or Roadrunner and would like assistance, feel free to call our law office at 407-965-5519 or to contact us.  Our office is in Orlando.

Canal Street Films uses Florida State Court for Copyright Discovery

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