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trademark dilution
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Wasted away again in Pensacola: The Lost ‘Shaker’ of Court (a trademark dilution case)

Florida’s First Judicial Circuit recently found it unlikely that the Sandshaker Lounge would be able to prove trademark dilution of its ‘Shaker’ mark by the ‘Shaka Bar.’ Here’s the story. Livin’…

Washington Redskins Trademarks found offensive and disparaging
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District Court finds ‘Redskins’ trademarks disparaging & offensive in ‘Pro-Football, Inc. v. Blackhorse’

On July 8, 2015, a United States district court in Alexandra, Virginia upheld a decision by the United States Patent & Trademark Office that the “Redskins” trademarks were too disparaging…

® and ™
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What is the difference between the ® and TM symbols?

The TM and circled “R” (®) symbols both refer to trademark rights and both warn others that you are protecting your logo, but ® and ™ mean different things. The…