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Alternative Fee Agreements for BitTorrent Cases
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New Alternative Fee Agreements for Copyright Defense Cases

I have represented many dozens of innocent Defendants in BitTorrent copyright infringement litigation cases, and find that it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain regular hourly billing arrangements.  The more work I…

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New Defense Motions filed in Malibu Media Lawsuits – Middle District of Florida

Yesterday, in the Middle District of Florida, we filed the third of three new defense motions on behalf of John Does in a Malibu Media lawsuit.   These are the first…

517 387 Cynthia Conlin

54 new Malibu Media lawsuits filed in Florida’s Middle, Southern Districts

Approximately two years after it broke out onto the scene in Florida, Malibu Media shows no signs of slowing down, with 54 new Malibu Media lawsuits filed within the last…