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what is the libel-proof doctrine?
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Libel-proof doctrine: Can a person’s reputation be so bad as to make him libel-proof?

The “libel-proof plaintiff doctrine” is a defense to defamation, though one that has not been applied in in Florida. What is the libel proof doctrine? The underlying theory behind the…

William Shatner defamation lawsuit
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Defamation lawsuit against William Shatner dismissed, again

A MAN NAMED Peter Sloan, purported son of William Shatner, sued the James T. Kirk/Danny Crane actor for defamation in February. The Middle District of Florida (Tampa division) quickly dismissed the original…

notice of defamation cease and desist notice demand letter
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Is a notice of defamation required before suing a blog?

FLORIDA HAS a particular law that pertains to serving notice, like sending a demand letter, or cease and desist letter, prior to filing a lawsuit for defamation. However, written notice of…