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11th Circuit reexamines willfulness in copyright infringement in Olem Shoe Corp. v. Washington Shoe’s Copyright

Earlier this year, the 11th Circuit recently affirmed that Olem Shoe Corporation had infringed copyrights belonging to Washington Shoe by making nearly identical rain boot designs.  Although it found that the infringement…

godaddy cyberpiracy case
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GoDaddy Cyberpiracy Case over Oscars and other Academy domains Finally Coming to an End

A five-year-long cyberpiracy case filed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences against GoDaddy is coming close to an end. The GoDaddy cyberpiracy case went to trial last week in a…

Should I file a lawsuit: Learning to Pick Your Battles
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Should I File a Lawsuit (and Learning to Pick Your Battles)

I talk to many people who have sought out an attorney because they’re angry. They’ve been wronged. They’re done with this $#!%! They want to sue.  They ask: Should I file…