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Internet Law is a broad topic encompassing many legal disputes, including those related to online defamation, copyright infringement, BitTorrent defense, and more.

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Many Film lawsuits
Manny Film lawsuits – 40 new cases in Florida
1024 784 Cynthia Conlin

Thanks to a tip-off from the Die Troll Die blog, we can see 40 new Manny Film lawsuits in our Florida courts.  The chart below was pulled this morning from PACER.  All…

communications decency act protects website
Communications Decency Act protects website in a lawsuit for removal of defamatory postings
592 338 Cynthia Conlin

4th DCA: CDA applies to injunctions, too Earlier this month, the Fourth District Court of Appeals found that the Communications Decency Act protected websites in actions for injunctive relief as well as those…

Good Man Productions lawsuits
38 Good Man Productions Lawsuits filed in Florida
487 411 Cynthia Conlin

Thanks to a Twitter tip-off from @DieTrollDie, we have learned of 38 new Good Man Productions lawsuits.  All 38 lawsuits were filed by Plaintiff “Good Man Productions, Inc.” for the alleged downloading of movies via…

Dallas Buyers Club lawsuits
Dallas Buyers Club lawsuits served in Florida
468 432 Cynthia Conlin

In May and June of this year, Attorney Richard Fee’s I.P. Enforcement Law Group filed 14 Dallas Buyers Club lawsuits, and summons have begun to circulate.  These suits, filed on behalf of…

Canal Street Films case update: Motions filed for John Does in Brevard County
150 150 Cynthia Conlin

As you may know, Canal Street Films filed an action for a Bill of Discovery in the 18th Judicial Circuit Court in Brevard County, Florida.  Yesterday, we filed motions on behalf of two…

Canal Street Films lawsuit docket
Canal Street Films lawsuit in Brevard County targeting John Does – Case No. 05-2013-CA-40202
755 1024 Cynthia Conlin

A new Canal Street Films lawsuit has caused some stir. Filed in the Florida 18th Judicial Circuit Court in and for Brevard County, Florida, the case is styled Canal Street Films v.…

New Defense Motions filed in Malibu Media Lawsuits – Middle District of Florida
517 387 Cynthia Conlin

Yesterday, in the Middle District of Florida, we filed the third of three new defense motions on behalf of John Does in a Malibu Media lawsuit.   These are the first such motions…

54 new Malibu Media lawsuits filed in Florida’s Middle, Southern Districts
517 387 Cynthia Conlin

Approximately two years after it broke out onto the scene in Florida, Malibu Media shows no signs of slowing down, with 54 new Malibu Media lawsuits filed within the last month. On…

TCYK LLC Lawsuits
14 Lawsuits by TCYK, LLC remain on Middle District Docket
387 368 Cynthia Conlin

Over the last year, TCYK, LLC has filed 14 copyright infringement lawsuits in the Middle District of Florida.  All cases are for the alleged unauthorized downloading of the film The Company You…