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Our Orlando attorneys assist consumers with a variety of consumer-related issues, including consumer fraud, consumer law litigation, deceptive motor vehicle sales, deceptive or unfair auto repair practices, auto repair fraud, defense of creditor lawsuits, fraudulent misrepresentation, telephone collection harassment, and unfair and deceptive trade practices.

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demand letter
How can I hire a lawyer to write a demand letter?
800 533 Cynthia Conlin

FOR WHATEVER reason, you’ve reached a point where you want someone else to do something, give you something, or to stop doing something. A demand letter, or a cease and desist letter,…

Consumer Review Fairness Act
What is the Consumer Review Fairness Act?
864 506 Cynthia Conlin

EARLIER THIS year, a new federal law went into effect designed to prevent businesses from keeping their customers from writing negative reviews or turning over, to the business, the copyright ownership of their reviews.…

auto fraud attorneys orlando
Auto fraud cases: 3 types of situations – attorneys Orlando
1 1 Cynthia Conlin

Auto fraud can occur at the dealer lot during a car purchase or at an auto repair shop when having a vehicle serviced. Most dealer purchases or repair arrangements are not fraudulent; however, such…

credit card lawsuit
What to do when faced with a credit card lawsuit
1 1 Cynthia Conlin

You may have known it was coming but hoped it wouldn’t. Paying bills has been a struggle. You got behind. Now you are faced with a credit card lawsuit, and a process server has…

What to do if you're sued by a credit card company
What to do when Sued by a Credit Card Company
872 688 Cynthia Conlin

Maybe you knew it was coming, or maybe you didn’t. It may have followed in line after months of collection calls, or it might be a surprise. It might not even be a…

fantasy football
False Advertising Allegations Hit Fantasy Football Sites
912 657 Cynthia Conlin

If you follow fantasy football, you may have heard that sites and have found themselves in legal trouble over false advertising claims levied against them. Sites like these have been…

credit repair organizations
Credit Repair Organizations are regulated by federal law
860 697 Cynthia Conlin

Have you ever received an offer from someone who says they can repair your credit?  Whether it is an individual or a company, that person is governed under federal law once they…

demand letter to car dealer
New Florida law requires demand letter to car dealers before litigating under FDUTPA
547 365 Cynthia Conlin

New demand letter to car dealer requirement In 2014 the Florida legislature introduced a new law that imposes a new presuit requirement of a demand letter before filing lawsuits against motor vehicle dealers for…

learn how to get rid of a judgment
How to get rid of a judgment
548 365 Cynthia Conlin

A judgment has been entered against you. What can do to get rid of the judgment?  There are a few ways you may be able to rid yourself of the judgment – when…