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This man is sad because a default judgment was entered against him
792 527 Jeffrey Vizcaino

How can a default judgment be set aside?

Imagine a lawsuit has been filed against you (or your company). For whatever reason—whether you chose to ignore the summons, never actually received a copy, or simply mis-calendared your deadline…

Don't mail a settlement payment late
954 629 Cynthia Conlin

Don’t mail a settlement payment late!

What happens when you pay a settlement payment late? From the Didn’t-See-That-Coming Department, and further evidence that you never know how a judge will rule. A small-claims defendant faced a harsh reality…

corporations cannot represent themselves
547 365 Cynthia Conlin

Corporations Cannot Represent Themselves in Small Claims Post-Collection Proceedings, Court Says

It is established law that a business entity (Corporation or LLC) cannot represent itself, pro se, in court proceedings but rather must appear through an attorney.  The purpose for this…