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Letters notifying ISP accountholders of Clear Skies Nevada lawsuits
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New Clear Skies Nevada Lawsuits in Florida over film ‘Good Kill’

A new BitTorrent plaintiff in Florida began filing lawsuits just before Thanksgiving. On November 20, 2015, five Clear Skies Nevada lawsuits showed up on the Middle District of Florida docket. The…

Lawsuits filed by Tamaroff cost so far $92,400
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MDFL BitTorrent Lawsuit update: 231 lawsuits filed by Tamaroff & Tamaroff

As you may have already heard, Tamaroff & Tamaroff, attorneys who used to represent BitTorrent defendants in the federal courts in Florida, switched sides earlier this year.  They put the brakes on…

Alternative Fee Agreements for BitTorrent Cases
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New Alternative Fee Agreements for Copyright Defense Cases

I have represented many dozens of innocent Defendants in BitTorrent copyright infringement litigation cases, and find that it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain regular hourly billing arrangements.  The more work I…