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evicting rent-to-own tenants
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Think twice before evicting rent-to-own tenants

An interesting landlord-tenant case appeared in today’s Florida Law Weekly summaries that involved evicting rent-to-own tenants.  In the case, which was in Volusia County, the court decided that, when a tenant…

deactivating room key without notice
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Hotel ordered to pay $2,421 to guest for deactivating room key without notice

A Jacksonville hotel was recently ordered to pay more than $2,000.00 in damages to a long-term guest it locked out for failing to pay his room fees.

In 2009, Eric Fleming moved into a room in the Scottish Inn hotel in Jacksonville. At first he paid $27 per night, but after about six months, he began paying bi-weekly, when he received his unemployment checks.

One week Mr. Fleming’s unemployment check did not arrive when expected. He asked the hotel manager to extend his stay, and the manager agreed to extend, but only to a particular deadline date.

When the deadline date came, Mr. Fleming, whose unemployment check still had not arrived, came home one day to find himself locked out of his room. . . .