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Florida Anti-SLAPP statute
1024 552 Cynthia Conlin

New Florida Anti-SLAPP law has a broad scope pertaining to lawsuits filed by any person

You may not have known that Florida has had an anti-SLAPP law on the books for the last decade. Probably because it was so narrow that it only applied to lawsuits…

Employee fired for false reasons
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Compelled self-defamation and what to do when a former employer gives a bad reference

The theory of “compelled self-defamation” is generally raised where there has been an employment relationship.  Although it may be argued in some other jurisdictions, it is not accepted by courts…

communications decency act protects website
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Communications Decency Act protects website in a lawsuit for removal of defamatory postings

4th DCA: CDA applies to injunctions, too Earlier this month, the Fourth District Court of Appeals found that the Communications Decency Act protected websites in actions for injunctive relief as well…