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This man is sad because a default judgment was entered against him
792 527 Jeffrey Vizcaino

How can a default judgment be set aside?

Imagine a lawsuit has been filed against you (or your company). For whatever reason—whether you chose to ignore the summons, never actually received a copy, or simply mis-calendared your deadline…

auto fraud attorneys orlando
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Auto fraud cases: 3 types of situations – attorneys Orlando

Auto fraud can occur at the dealer lot during a car purchase or at an auto repair shop when having a vehicle serviced. Most dealer purchases or repair arrangements are not fraudulent;…

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11th Circuit reexamines willfulness in copyright infringement in Olem Shoe Corp. v. Washington Shoe’s Copyright

Earlier this year, the 11th Circuit recently affirmed that Olem Shoe Corporation had infringed copyrights belonging to Washington Shoe by making nearly identical rain boot designs.  Although it found that the infringement…