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emotional distress
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I want to sue for Emotional Distress! Can I?

Doesn’t everyone? ūüėÄ OK, maybe not everyone wants to sue for emotional distress. But a common query attorneys hear is, “How can I recover for all the emotional stress I’ve…

This man is sad because a default judgment was entered against him
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How can a default judgment be set aside?

Imagine a lawsuit has been filed against you (or your company). For whatever reason‚ÄĒwhether you chose to ignore the summons, never actually received a copy, or simply mis-calendared your deadline…

auto fraud attorneys orlando
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Auto fraud cases: 3 types of situations – attorneys Orlando

Auto fraud can occur at the dealer lot during a car purchase¬†or at an auto repair shop when having a¬†vehicle serviced. Most dealer purchases or repair arrangements are not fraudulent;…