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fantasy football
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False Advertising Allegations Hit Fantasy Football Sites

If you follow fantasy football, you may have heard that sites and have found themselves in legal trouble over false advertising claims levied against them. Sites like these…

credit repair organizations
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Credit Repair Organizations are regulated by federal law

Have you ever received an offer from someone who says they can repair your credit?  Whether it is an individual or a company, that person is governed under federal law…

Dealing with bill collectors
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What can bill collectors *not* get away with?

Collection of debts in Florida is regulated by both federal law (the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and state law (the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act, or the “FCCPA”).

The FCCPA enumerates 19 different things that people may not do in Florida when collecting a debt. Violation of this law can bring forth a civil cause of action against the person collecting the debt.