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Former U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Felix Frankfurter called litigation “the pursuit of practical ends, not a game of chess.” Litigation is, in most cases, the last resort after parties have done everything they can in their power to work things out.

The Orlando litigation attorneys at Cynthia Conlin & Associates recognize that lawsuits can be and often are a means to an end, but one that must be conducted carefully, and not without attempts at alternative dispute resolution.

Litigation is essentially the act of suing, being sued, and filing, prosecuting, and defending lawsuits. It usually takes place in either federal or state court. The federal and state court systems are separate involve separate rules of civil procedure.  In both, however, lawsuits start with the filing of a complaint and may continue through to judgment or dismissal by way of judicial determination or trial.

We are Orlando litigation attorneys who practice in both systems: state and federal courts.  We represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants, individuals and small businesses. We take our clients through the process of the initial stages, mediation, motion filings, discovery, and, if necessary, to trial.

corporations cannot represent themselves
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Artists sue Wine and Canvas for unauthorized copying of paintings
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corporations cannot represent themselves
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It is established law that a business entity (Corporation or LLC) cannot represent itself, pro se, in court proceedings but rather must appear through an attorney.  The purpose for this rule, as…

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Yes, a Florida resident can sue an out-of-state blogger in Florida.
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After out-of-state blogger Tabatha Marshall allegedly published a blog accusing website operator Internet Solutions Corp (“ISC”) of “on-going criminal activity, specifically ‘phishing’ and consumer fraud,” ISC sued Ms. Marshall for defamation in…