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Internet Law is a broad topic encompassing many legal disputes, including those related to online defamation, copyright infringement, BitTorrent defense, and more.

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The Cobbler Nevada lawsuits are over a film called The Cobbler
Cobbler Nevada lawsuits filed in Florida over Adam Sander film ‘The Cobbler’
942 636 Cynthia Conlin

We recently wrote about Clear Skies Nevada, which filed 5 new lawsuits in the Middle District of Florida on November 20, 2015. However, prior to filing those lawsuits, the same firm filed…

Content ID software looks for infringing YouTube videos
YouTube’s Infringement-Detecting Content ID Software Not Exactly Foolproof
1024 512 Cynthia Conlin

It should come as no surprise, considering the nature of the service YouTube offers, that YouTube has a longstanding history of combing through its users’ videos for possible copyright infringement. Recently, the…

online reviews
Dangers of online reviews, anonymity, and the line between defamation and “pure opinion”
948 632 Cynthia Conlin

The Internet and smartphone apps often seem like a wide-open forum for consumers to provide opinions on businesses, restaurants, and services. Through Facebook, Google, Yelp, and other review services, consumers speak their…

6 new lawsuits were filed today in Tampa
6 New Malibu Media lawsuits filed in the Middle District of Florida today
822 1024 Cynthia Conlin

After more than an entire year of filing no new lawsuits within Florida, Malibu Media, LLC, the most prolific filer of copyright infringement lawsuits, filed a handful of new lawsuits in the Middle District of…

Revenge porn can occur when heartbreak, technology, bad judgment, and alcohol collide
New Revenge Porn Law to take effect October 1, 2015
949 633 Cynthia Conlin

Ever had a relationship end badly? It happens to a lot of people. Emotions like heartbreak, anger, and resentment are an inevitable consequence of most failed relationships – at least on one…

godaddy cyberpiracy case
GoDaddy Cyberpiracy Case over Oscars and other Academy domains Finally Coming to an End
894 671 Cynthia Conlin

A five-year-long cyberpiracy case filed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences against GoDaddy is coming close to an end. The GoDaddy cyberpiracy case went to trial last week in a federal courtroom…

Twitter Deletes Copied Jokes, but is Copying a Tweet Really Copyright Infringement?
948 632 Cynthia Conlin

Imagine crafting the perfect Tweet, sure to bring viral glory, then finding you have come up short because someone else re-posted it without giving you an ounce of credit. This is a real…

Lawsuits filed by Tamaroff cost so far $92,400
MDFL BitTorrent Lawsuit update: 231 lawsuits filed by Tamaroff & Tamaroff
547 366 Cynthia Conlin

As you may have already heard, Tamaroff & Tamaroff, attorneys who used to represent BitTorrent defendants in the federal courts in Florida, switched sides earlier this year.  They put the brakes on representing Defendants…

Plastic the Movie Complaint
Plastic the Movie Lawsuits in Florida
1024 697 Cynthia Conlin

Plastic may lack ‘plausibility’ as a film, but, unfortunately, Plastic the Movie lawsuits have just enough plausibility to pass judicial muster in SDFL Earlier this month, for Plaintiff Plastic the Movie Limited, Miami…