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Copyright Infringement Litigation and BitTorrent Defense

Arising from the United States Consitution, and codified by our federal statutes, U.S. copyright laws protect original literary, musical, dramatic, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, choreographic, and architectural works, as well as sound recordings and motion pictures, that are fixated in any tangible medium of expression. The give authors the right to reproduce their works, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, and perform or display their works publicly.

Copyright infringement occurs when someone, without authorization, copies constituent elements of a copyrighted work that are original.

The Orlando attorneys at Cynthia Conlin & Associates represent both plaintiffs and defendants in various copyright actions. On the plaintiffs’ sides, we represent artists whose works have been unfairly copied; on the defendants’ side, we represent people who have been unfairly accused of copying or distributing artwork, such as, for example, via BitTorrent download.

Because copyright law is exclusive to federal courts, we practice in the three districts courts in Florida: Middle, Southern, and Northern. To find out whether we can help you with your copyright issue, please call us at 407-965-5519 or email us through our contact page.

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Content ID software looks for infringing YouTube videos
YouTube’s Infringement-Detecting Content ID Software Not Exactly Foolproof
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It should come as no surprise, considering the nature of the service YouTube offers, that YouTube has a longstanding history of combing through its users’ videos for possible copyright infringement. Recently, the…

Photo by halfpoint via PhotoDune
11th Circuit reexamines willfulness in copyright infringement in Olem Shoe Corp. v. Washington Shoe’s Copyright
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Earlier this year, the 11th Circuit recently affirmed that Olem Shoe Corporation had infringed copyrights belonging to Washington Shoe by making nearly identical rain boot designs.  Although it found that the infringement was not…

6 new lawsuits were filed today in Tampa
6 New Malibu Media lawsuits filed in the Middle District of Florida today
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After more than an entire year of filing no new lawsuits within Florida, Malibu Media, LLC, the most prolific filer of copyright infringement lawsuits, filed a handful of new lawsuits in the Middle District of…

Twitter Deletes Copied Jokes, but is Copying a Tweet Really Copyright Infringement?
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Imagine crafting the perfect Tweet, sure to bring viral glory, then finding you have come up short because someone else re-posted it without giving you an ounce of credit. This is a real…

Lawsuits filed by Tamaroff cost so far $92,400
MDFL BitTorrent Lawsuit update: 231 lawsuits filed by Tamaroff & Tamaroff
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As you may have already heard, Tamaroff & Tamaroff, attorneys who used to represent BitTorrent defendants in the federal courts in Florida, switched sides earlier this year.  They put the brakes on representing Defendants…

Plastic the Movie Complaint
Plastic the Movie Lawsuits in Florida
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Plastic may lack ‘plausibility’ as a film, but, unfortunately, Plastic the Movie lawsuits have just enough plausibility to pass judicial muster in SDFL Earlier this month, for Plaintiff Plastic the Movie Limited, Miami…

Many Film lawsuits
Manny Film lawsuits – 40 new cases in Florida
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Thanks to a tip-off from the Die Troll Die blog, we can see 40 new Manny Film lawsuits in our Florida courts.  The chart below was pulled this morning from PACER.  All…

Good Man Productions lawsuits
38 Good Man Productions Lawsuits filed in Florida
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Thanks to a Twitter tip-off from @DieTrollDie, we have learned of 38 new Good Man Productions lawsuits.  All 38 lawsuits were filed by Plaintiff “Good Man Productions, Inc.” for the alleged downloading of movies via…

Dallas Buyers Club lawsuits
Dallas Buyers Club lawsuits served in Florida
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In May and June of this year, Attorney Richard Fee’s I.P. Enforcement Law Group filed 14 Dallas Buyers Club lawsuits, and summons have begun to circulate.  These suits, filed on behalf of…