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Many Film lawsuits
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Manny Film lawsuits – 40 new cases in Florida

Thanks to a tip-off from the Die Troll Die blog, we can see 40 new Manny Film lawsuits in our Florida courts.  The chart below was pulled this morning from…

Good Man Productions lawsuits
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38 Good Man Productions Lawsuits filed in Florida

Thanks to a Twitter tip-off from @DieTrollDie, we have learned of 38 new Good Man Productions lawsuits.  All 38 lawsuits were filed by Plaintiff “Good Man Productions, Inc.” for the alleged downloading of…

What is a Trade Secret?
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What is a ‘Trade Secret’? And how is it protected?

Many business owners and entrepreneurs have information they want to protect.  But what sort of information falls under the context of a trade sect?  And what is a “Trade Secret”? Well,…