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Content ID software looks for infringing YouTube videos
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YouTube’s Infringement-Detecting Content ID Software Not Exactly Foolproof

It should come as no surprise, considering the nature of the service YouTube offers, that YouTube has a longstanding history of combing through its users’ videos for possible copyright infringement.…

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11th Circuit reexamines willfulness in copyright infringement in Olem Shoe Corp. v. Washington Shoe’s Copyright

Earlier this year, the 11th Circuit recently affirmed that Olem Shoe Corporation had infringed copyrights belonging to Washington Shoe by making nearly identical rain boot designs.  Although it found that the infringement…

6 new lawsuits were filed today in Tampa
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6 New Malibu Media lawsuits filed in the Middle District of Florida today

After more than an entire year of filing no new lawsuits within Florida, Malibu Media, LLC, the most prolific filer of copyright infringement lawsuits, filed a handful of new lawsuits in the Middle…