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$125 to ‘Compliance Services’? I don’t think so!

Like many other business owners, the other day I received in my postal mail a curious letter urging me to quickly submit an “Annual Minutes Requirement Statement.” Because this letter came right around the time the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations sends its requirements to corporations to file their annual reports, at first glance, I actually thought it was from the State.

However, when I read further, and saw that it was asking for a check for $125.00 “payable to COMPLIANCE SERVICS” my eyes widened. …

Junk Faxes
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Illinois Attorney sued for sending Junk Faxes

At first, Attorney Gregory P. Turza probably thought it was a great business decision when he hired a company to create a promotional newsletter called the “Daily Plan-It” and distribute it to a targeted list, which included numbers from the Illinois CPA Society and his business contacts.

When one of his “Daily Plan It” fax recipients filed a class action lawsuit against the attorney, his marketing strategy turned into a disaster. On behalf of the class of recipients of the faxes, the Plaintiff sought $4,215,000 in statutory damages – $500 for each fax multiplied by the alleged 8,430 times the Daily Plan-It was faxed – against Attorney Turza, who is located in Skokie, Illinois.

Working with an unpaid intern
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So you want to hire an unpaid intern. How do you do it?

Many small business owners would like to hire an unpaid intern.  However, it’s vital they follow federal guidelines. Federal law, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), as well as Florida…