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detail from a criminal productions lawsuit complaint

New Criminal Productions lawsuits filed in Florida

562 310 Cynthia Conlin

Recently, IP Enforcement Group filed four new Criminal Productions lawsuits against anonymous John Does in Florida. All lawsuits, styled Criminal Productions, Inc. v. Doe, allege the illegal downloading of the movie Criminal. Criminal bombed with…

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Can you sue someone for recording a conversation in Florida?

948 632 Cynthia Conlin

You may not realize it, but, in Florida, you can sue someone for recording a conversation without permission (or, alternatively, if you record a conversation, you can be sued). Section 934.10, Florida Statutes, allows anyone “whose wire,…

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Trespassed from public park, minister misses demonstration

Minister trespassed from public park for year loses First Amendment appeal

948 632 Cynthia Conlin

Last week the 11th Circuit upheld a St. Petersburg ordinance after a minster who had been trespassed from a public park complained that the ordinance violated his First Amendment rights. The minister is Bruce Wright, co-director of an…

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LHF Productions Lawsuits in Florida over 'London Has Fallen'

LHF Productions Lawsuits in Florida over ‘London Has Fallen’

947 634 Cynthia Conlin

New LHF Productions Lawsuits in Tampa On July 28, 2016, five LHF Productions lawsuits were filed in the Middle District of Florida (all in the Tampa Division).  Like other BitTorrent cases, these are for the…

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sued by a worker

Roofing contractor sued by worker prevails on issue of attorney’s fees

948 632 Cynthia Conlin

While associate attorney Tony Pagán Jr. was helping our roofing-contractor client, who was sued by a worker for payment, he completed his first trial yesterday! Our client, a roofing contractor, was sued by worker for payment. Our client had held the…

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3 reasons not to represent yourself in court

3 reasons to not represent yourself in court

948 632 Cynthia Conlin

The case against pro se litigants: Should you represent yourself in court? Here are 3 reasons not to. “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” — proverb “Pro se” is when…

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Don't mail a settlement payment late

Don’t mail a settlement payment late!

954 629 Cynthia Conlin

What happens when you pay a settlement payment late? From the Didn’t-See-That-Coming Department, and further evidence that you never know how a judge will rule. A small-claims defendant faced a harsh reality in Broward County after her agreed…

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Is a hacked Facebook ‘cyberstalking‘?

948 632 Cynthia Conlin

A Facebook ‘Secret Lovers’ post and possibly intercepted Facebook messages may be creepy, but they’re not ‘cyberstalking,’ says Second DCA in Horowitz v. Horowitz. I happened to be doing some research today and stumbled across a case from last…

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Miami Beach feud over corporate ownership

Hyman v. Daoud: A family feud over corporate ownership and control

950 631 Cynthia Conlin

When unwritten, misundstood intentions drive a steel wedge between family members An interesting case in the latest Florida Law Weekly about a family feud over corporate ownership caught my eye — and it includes a few…

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