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trademark dilution

Wasted away again in Pensacola: The Lost ‘Shaker’ of Court (a trademark dilution case)

800 369 Cynthia Conlin

Florida’s First Judicial Circuit recently found it unlikely that the Sandshaker Lounge would be able to prove trademark dilution of its ‘Shaker’ mark by the ‘Shaka Bar.’ Here’s the story. Livin’ off sponge cake . .…

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Previously Removed RipOff Report links reappearing in Google

800 533 Cynthia Conlin

RipOff Report recently underwent a subtle change that has caused reports Google previously removed from its search engine — even based on court orders — to reappear, without many people realizing it. RipOff Report is a website notorious for…

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theme park photos

Think twice before adding that theme park photo, sports pic, or museum piece to your advert

976 648 Cynthia Conlin

You obtained a brilliant shot of the inside of the new Orlando City stadium. A blaze of purple spirit, a gorgeous image. Undeniably Orlando! And you have so many theme park photos! Can you sell T-shirts with these photos or…

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Is it legal to stream movies?

To Stream or to Torrent? That is the 21st Century Question.

720 480 Jennifer Reed

WITH THE outrageous cost of cable these days, it’s no surprise many people look to other sources for their viewing pleasure. Enter torrenting and streaming: two online sources to watch free movies. But are they…

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Malibu Media lawsuits

BitTorrent cases: Modern-day witch trials? #TBT

1024 683 Cynthia Conlin

I started writing this blog in August 2015. At the time, we were still defending Malibu Media cases, and BitTorrent litigation, though waning (having taken a year-long break), was still topical in Florida. However, it soon became stale because,…

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This man is sad because a default judgment was entered against him

How can a default judgment be set aside?

792 527 Jeffrey Vizcaino

Imagine a lawsuit has been filed against you (or your company). For whatever reason—whether you chose to ignore the summons, never actually received a copy, or simply mis-calendared your deadline to respond—you fail to timely…

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How to Get Bad Reviews off Google

How to Get a Bad Review off Google

1 1 Tony Pagán, Jr.

Stop me if this sounds familiar. A past customer has just written a malicious review about you or your company on Google. The review, however, is neither a fair nor accurate portrayal of your company…

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Been sued?

What to do when you’ve been sued

1 1 Cynthia Conlin

Every year, 15 million lawsuits are filed in America, or so we’ve been told. Chances are, then, if it hasn’t happened to you already, sooner or later  you too will be sued. Lawsuits are incredibly…

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auto fraud attorneys orlando

Auto fraud cases: 3 types of situations – attorneys Orlando

1 1 Cynthia Conlin

Auto fraud can occur at the dealer lot during a car purchase or at an auto repair shop when having a vehicle serviced. Most dealer purchases or repair arrangements are not fraudulent; however, such instances do, nevertheless,…

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