Tony Pagán, Jr., Esq.

Associate Attorney

Tony Pagán, Jr., Associate Attorney

Tony Pagán, Jr. is an associate attorney for our firm. In 2015, after graduating from Florida A&M College of Law and interning with the Federal Public Defenders Office, Tony joined the firm as a law clerk with aspirations of community service and helping others in their time of need. In April 2016, he was admitted to the Florida Bar.

Orlando Attorney Tony PaganWhy the Law? To Fight Injustice!

Born and raised in Orlando, Tony grew up with an innate desire to fight injustice. Whether standing up for those without a voice or rallying individuals for a common cause, the law has always been integral in Tony’s life. Tony’s father, a former police officer with the Jersey City and Kissimmee Police Departments and current Education Administrator, instilled in Tony a fundamental and unwavering understanding of right and wrong. Meanwhile, his mother, a social worker with Orange County Public Schools, taught him the importance of being kind to others and what it truly means to give back to the community. This well-rounded upbringing undoubtedly contributed to transforming Tony into the man he is today.

From a young age, Tony admired comic book superheroes. Not for their extraordinary abilities or colorful costumes, but for their selfless choices to help others in times of need. This “superhero complex,” as Tony calls it, stuck with and motivated him to pursue a career that would allow him to help others and combat injustice on a daily basis. While a high school freshman, he was accepted into the “Law and Order” Magnet Program, which cemented his love of all things legal and his goal to become an attorney.

As an undergrad at Florida State University, Tony double-majored in political science and social sciences to better understand the inner workings of the U.S. Government and human behavior. His social sciences major, comprising minor degrees in psychology and sociology, provided him with the knowledge and insight necessary to better understand the motivations and reasoning that make up an individual’s decision-making process.

As a result of his continued education, Tony is highly skilled in crisis management and problem-solving. His ability to retain large amounts of information combined with his exceptional interpersonal skills and trustworthiness contribute greatly to our firm and our goal of helping you in your time of need.

Outside the Law Office

Although born and raised in Orlando, Tony takes great pride in his Hispanic heritage. As a result of growing up in a Puerto Rican household, he is well-versed in Hispanic culture and strives to exemplify the American Dream while never forgetting his Hispanic roots. During his third year of law school, Tony was elected and served as President of the Hispanic-American Student Law Association (HALSA) after serving as Treasurer the year before. During his terms, Tony organized numerous community-outreach programs and service events.

Tony’s love of comic book superheroes and science fiction did not fade with time as many childhood affinities do. Rather, given the enormous popularity surrounding superhero and sci-fi characters in film and television, he is adamant in his belief that we are living in the Golden Age of superhero and sci-fi lore.

Tony is also huge fan of trivia — so much so that he aspires to one day compete on the ever-popular trivia game show, Jeopardy.

When not working on legal matters or “geeking out” to rumors of a new comic book/science fiction adaptation, Tony is an avid sports enthusiast. His favorite teams include the Green Bay Packers, Orlando Magic, and Florida State Seminoles. While watching sports is entertaining, Tony is typically more interested in getting out on the field or court and participating in as many sports activities as possible.


  • Juris Doctor (2015) – Florida A&M University College of Law (Orlando)
  • Bachelor of Science (2010) – Florida State University (Tallahassee)
    • Double Major: Political Science and Social Sciences


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