Joan Snow

Joan Snow, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch & Chief Feline Officer

Joanie arrived one day, skampering around the back of the office. The skiddish, homeless kitten was no bigger than a mango. Fortunately, her curiosity lured her into our offices and the door was shut behind her. Finally off the streets, she’s been here ever since and hasn’t looked back.

Originally thought to be a boy and wearing a gorgeous dark spotted overcoat, we named her “Jon Snow” after the lord commander of the Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones.  She lived in our office as a boy for four months before we realized — oops, she’s a girl — and she became Joan Snow.  There she is, helping us break boundaries, proving that the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch need not be male.

Lord Commander Joan Snow keeps the Night’s Watch at the office. She is our Chief Morale Officer and enjoys a good scratch and snuggle as she sleeps on our desks to keep us company.  Her favorite item ever is the office Christmas tree, which she claimed as her own during the 2015 holidays. She likes to drink from the faucet, attack feather dusters, and she is keen to watch us during our lunchtime workouts.