New Criminal Productions lawsuits filed in Florida

detail from a criminal productions lawsuit complaint

New Criminal Productions lawsuits filed in Florida

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Recently, IP Enforcement Group filed four new Criminal Productions lawsuits against anonymous John Does in Florida. All lawsuits, styled Criminal Productions, Inc. v. Doe, allege the illegal downloading of the movie Criminal.

Criminal bombed with critics

Criminal is a 2016 Lionsgate film starring Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, and Tommy Lee Jones. Giving it only one star, reviewer Peter Sobczynski wrote:

“Criminal” is the kind of dunderheaded enterprise that leaves viewers reeling from the idiocies they have just endured, wondering how something like that could possibly get made in the first place.

Similarly, Mark Kermode of the Guardian also gave it one star, reviewing it under the headlines “fantstically stupid” and “Brainless brain-transplant action flick.”

All Criminal Productions lawsuits start with just an IP address

Similar to all BitTorrent lawsuits, the Plaintiff, here, Criminal Productions, Inc., armed with nothing more than an I.P. address, files suit against a “John Doe,” then sends a subpoena to the Internet Service Provided to obtain the name and address of the Internet subscriber.

The ISP then sends a letter to the subscriber warning him or her of the pending subpoena. In some cases, the subscriber may have indeed downloaded the movie in question but in many other cases, the subscriber did not.

In all BitTorrent cases, the plaintiff wants settlement money. However, in many cases, it demands more than the Defendant can pay. In some cases it continues to demand settlement even though the Defendant did not do anything wrong.

Our firm is experienced in BitTorrent defense cases

Since 2012, Cynthia Conlin & Associates has represented hundreds of defendants accused of illegally downloading movies via BitTorrent. Our firm has become one of the most experienced defense firms in the country practicing in this narrow niche of copyright infringement. We represent defendants in settlement prior to being served, or, in some cases, we put forward an aggressive defense in court. Each case is different. For a free confidential review of your matter, call us at 407-965-5519 or email us via our contact page.

The new cases are:

6:16-cv-01729-RBD-GJK Criminal Productions, Inc. v. Doe filed 10/03/16
6:16-cv-01731-RBD-GJK Criminal Productions, Inc. v. Doe filed 10/03/16
8:16-cv-02794-VMC-JSS Criminal Productions, Inc. v. John or Jane Doe filed 09/30/16
8:16-cv-02795-EAK-TGW Criminal Productions, Inc. v. John or Jane Doe filed 09/30/16


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